SHORT or MEDIUM GRAIN RICE is Japanese style rice (grown in California), which cooks sticky, and is used for sushi rice. The most economical variety is Cal Rose which is sold under several brand names. We carry Lucky Rose Cal Rose and Shirakiku Cal Rose.

PREMIUM GRADE brands of SUSHI RICE include Kokuho Rose , Nishiki, Tamaki, Tamaki Gold, Akita Otome, Tamanishiki, and Koshihikari. To cook short grain rice, use about equal portions of rice and water, depending on the cooking method.

LONG GRAIN RICE is Chinese or American style rice, and it cooks dry. Requires more water when cooking than short grain rice. We carry Texas AA brand.

JASMINE RICE is a special type of long grain rice which cooks dry and has a popcorn-like fragrance when cooked. Popular Thai style rice. We carry Milagrosa and Dynasty brands.

BROWN RICE is unpolished rice which still has the brown-colored rice bran covering the rice grains. It requires a longer cooking time than polished (white) rice. We carry only the short grain type, Tsuru Mai brand.

SWEET RICE (Mochigome or Naw Mai) is even shorter than regular short grain rice. It is the most glutinous variety of rice, and it is used for making MOCHI rice cakes and Chinese “tamales” (JOONG). Sweet rice is NOT used for making sushi….See Short or Medium Grain Rice