Join Our Staff of Snack Experts

We are accepting applications for people interested in joining our Staff of Snack Experts. We make a point of tasting every new snack product that comes in…it’s a tough job, but someone’s gotta do it! Let us know what your qualifications are for being an official “Takahashi Snack Expert”. How does your expertise in snacking stack up against our Snack Pros? Come in to compare your skills against Eileen, Bobby, Gene, Rich, Anne, Andy, Bubba, Chris, Rik, Cub, Lex, Joanne, Phylis, and the (legendary) Norma…Send Email.

Technical Support

Feel free to share your recipes with us or if you are in need of “technical support” to taste your results…contact our “Beta Taster Team“. We enjoy hearing from you…tell us what you’re looking for or if you have any suggestions of what you’d like to see in the future…Send Email to Takahashi Market.

Enjoy your visit…and comeback soon!


Upcoming Events

When you drop by the store, be sure to check out our Community Bulletin Board (a.k.a. our store window) for more information on upcoming events in the Hawaiian, Asian-Pacific Islander, and Japanese communities.

**IF YOU HAVE AN EVENT YOU’D LIKE TO PUBLICIZE, please mail us SEVERAL copies of your flyers. We’ll display one in the window (space permitting) and put the rest out for people to pick up. (Please try not to send large, oversized posters or flyers…we have so many to display at any given time, we’re always running out of space.)

We also keep current copies of the Kapalakiko newsletter and the NikkeiWest newspaper on display for people to look at.